NEW!! Original Posie 5 Pack 🌷

  • $15.00

NEW!!!! Floral, Navy, Jade Glitter, Baby Blue Glitter, Peach, Gold & White are the perfect mix! The floral print repeats so you may get any piece of the print.


1 PACK $15

2 PACKS $25 ($12.50ea)     CODE: 2FOR25

3 PACKS $33 ($11ea)           CODE: 3FOR33

5 PACKS $50 ($10ea)           CODE: 5FOR50

For ATMs that take your ENTIRE card, remove EZIDTAGS from the card and reapply once you get your card back. Do NOT insert the tag!

Fun fact: This pack is named after Posie Rayne of The Labrant Fam! @sav.labrant