Original Henley 5 pack🌺

  • $15.00

EZIDTAGS make pulling cards from your wallet easy and stylish. Reuse them over and over without leaving a sticky mess on your cards! Henley is whimsical, girlie, and full of metallics and glitter. The floral pattern repeats with 3 different colors: gold, aqua, and coral. Any of these may appear in your pack. Stop Yelling at your Wallet! 

For all ATMs that take your ENTIRE card, remove EZIDTAGS and reapply when finished. Do NOT insert the tag!!


1 PACK $15

2 PACKS $25 ($12.50ea)     CODE: 2FOR25

3 PACKS $33 ($11ea)           CODE: 3FOR33

5 PACKS $50 ($10ea)           CODE: 5FOR50

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