Pick your Own 10 Fabric Tags (Please Read Directions!)

  • $25.00

1. Jot down the Number above the 5 Tags you would like. 

2. Add this to your cart. At checkout, IN THE NOTES SECTION, TYPE in the 5 Numbers you want. If you want GLITTER, type the NUMBER FOLLOWED BY "G".  *Glitter is sealed to the ribbon therefore it will not flake off! 

EXAMPLE:     1, 15G, 11G, 27, 40G

ALL one color: Type ALL 5G or ALL 5 etc.

If these directions are not followed, we will not know what you want and therefore the pack will not be shipped until you clarify. Please make sure to add your numbers and letters before finalizing your purchase. 


1 PACK $15

2 PACKS $25 ($12.50ea)     CODE: 2FOR25

3 PACKS $33 ($11ea)           CODE: 3FOR33

5 PACKS $50 ($10ea)           CODE: 5FOR50

10 PACKS $100.                    CODE: 10FOR100

For all ATMs that take your ENTIRE card, remove EZIDTAGS and reapply when finished. Do NOT insert the tag!!